little story me and my friend came up with called crazy cow cant sleep

it was almost bedtime and crazy cow snuck 28 cookies out of his cookie jar and ate them also he snuck 28 brownies out of the oven he also stole his moms sugar shaker and his dads ice cream and then he went to bed and ate all of it in one sitting and he was not tired anymore then he thought about sneaking things all night and he did here is what he snuck his stash of candy from christmas and halloween and snuck and all of his birthday cake cause his birthday was the next day he grabs the 12 lollipops but then they drop out of his hands and crack the lollipops shatter accost the floor waking his mom and his mom came in and had a word with him she said what are you doing crazy cow was silent and just wiggled then his mom saw all the food on his face his mom stomped her hoof and did a real loud MOOOOO crazy cow was now  guilty and thats when he learn dont eat candy after bedtime