little story i came up with called crazy cow can’t keep a secret

crazy cow  was is bed one again this time he felt generous so he ran to the kitchen to make his mom and dad breakfast in bed he heard hooves he was scared luckily just his baby sister was tap dancing he got the orange juice and chips he tasted it it was yucky its the thought that counts he thought he ran to his dad and dropped some on his dads face he screamed crazy cow ran to his mom and dropped some on her face she screamed too crazy cow got brought to preschool his friend ran up and said don’t tell anyone but last night i got in big trouble crazy cow went and told everyone that day all of his friends  sat in a circle ignoring crazy cow he ran in and got there full attention they all said at once that they had been telling secrets without him he said i’ll listen this time  they all said NO! and crazy cow said why they said that crazy cow can’t keep a secret friendless and measurable lying in the grass was crazy cow all his unfriends told on him and it was only that once he cried his unfriends noticed  how sad he was and said okay we wont tell you anymore deep dark secrets but we are still friends  they said  crazy cow became happy the end please learn to keep trust