a way to be funny

cover yourself in peanut butter grab a salt bottle walk up to a friend and eat salt right out of the bottle fake cry ask for your baby bottle if they say you are funny say you taste funny and fake faint  thanks for reading check back soon

what am i doing

  • ∀  wait that is upside down ♥ what?  ◊     what in the world am i doing? :] what am i doing  there much better i’ll make a letter  house ⌈⌉   ha ha ha ha ℜight now it’s 10:32 pm thanks for ℜeading check back soon

total solar eclipse

a total solar eclipse is happening on august 21 2017 warning never look at the sun without special eye protection when viewing the eclipse this eclipse is special after this the solar eclipse wont happen util 100 years have past a solar eclipse is when the sun lines up with the moon and all of a sudden  it will get very dark the animals will start acting very weird  a bee will be like i was just buzzing around and then just no i didn’t get any nectar yet  it doesn’t happen often i’m so so so so so so so happy food is good i’m happy that I get to see it thanks for reading check back soon





wilber shy tortoise

wilber is my tortoise wilber is crazy and cute and i don’t know why i started using royal blue much better now its maroon this is not about colors wilber is the best tortoise anyone has ever seen i mean on earth he is so cute did i say that already i think i did and don’t even get me started on his little face and  tongue he still has a blackberry stain on his mouth he is so so so so so so adorable i almost fall over when i walk into my room and see him  oh so cute little baby tortoise thank you for reading check back soon 


once there lived a crazy cow in a cottage it loved to eat dog food one day it said i’ll show mister man who is boss mister man was a mean mean man at crazy cow’s preschool crazy cow was a shy boy when he saw his dad after his dad ate bad food crazy cow always coward under the table his dad was crazy after eating trees one day crazy cow went back to school after summer break he was very timid he stayed under his mother real bashful he was shy remember? then his mother lifted him into school and he cried sad tears then  yay he saw his best friend he ran in and hugged his friend his friend screeched then turned his head facing crazy cow his friend was shy too then his friend noticed it was crazy cow they had a fun day together the end thanks for reading i’ll do more crazy cow stories come back soon

little story i came up with called the smelly horse

once there was a very smelly horse all he could think about was getting clean then one day he saw a swimming pool he dived in but before he could touch any water it all evaporated he landed face first bashing his head in to concrete he felt sad then no no no he got more smelly he started to cry then yes yes yes he filled the pool and he splashed and played when he got out double yes he smelled like flowers his smelly friends joined him and they all splashed together the end I hope you loved this story come back soon

living forever idea

I have an idea of a pill that makes people live forever I have ideas of ingredients but I don’t have the stuff to make it with ingredients banana slice some greens orange slices no sugar some lemon and carrot and mix that in a cup of yogurt and freeze it that’s my ideas if it does not work do it your own way or its up to you but just to let you know if you add sugar it will not work but you do what you want its not up to me by the way I don’t think MSG will help  see you later please look up katinchworm check back soon


my dog marie eats gum

then gets grumpy stomach 🙁 not good she is a coon hound mix she is black and white she can stand and high five and sit and jump through a hoop she is scared of the  hoop though 🙂 she bites also ha ha marie the blog dog lol