little story i came up with called crazy cow kindergarten

crazy cow was now happy not happy at all he had to go to kindergerten  he screamed and ran from his mom and dad that did not help they told his teacher everyone was all different and crazy cow is shy remember? the point is he had no one to play with so he just stood in one spot for all of recess when he came in from recess he was new to work he was scared he failed and got sent to the stool of shame everyone stared and stared at him he cried and jumped up and ran to the playground then the teacher sent him to the bad kid chair and locked the door of the room of bad kids you see this was a school where the teachers would do anything to the kids so his parents did not mean to send him to such a horrible place he finally came home and told his parents and he got sent to his room he forgot to tell them the part where his teacher was mean he finally came out and told them the whole story he went to a brand new school and a good thing was that his friends were there and his friends left him out on purpose they said ha this is the cool kid side all the cows played together accept crazy cow no one wanted to play with him then he said how it made him feel so they had him take a test to see if he was okay to be friends with and they asked him questions and he did not fail but the catch was if he did not do everything they said they could not be friends so he went and told his teacher mister goop  and mister goop put them all on timeout and told them to be nice to crazy cow cause crazy cow just wanted to be friends eventually they became true friends and played tag and truth or dare and tic-tac-toe and hide-and-seek  no one ever was rude until new people came you’ll here about that in a different crazy cow story but the end i hope you like the crazy cows i love making them please give me ideas for more posts i’m always happy to make new posts check back soon