How to make tasty hot chocolate with a low sugar count

Get one cup of water pour it into a microwavable mug add a teaspoon of stevia sweetener and a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder if its bitter add more stevia sweetener  if its too sweet add more cocoa powder and if that does not help add more water and basically stevia sweetener is to sweeten and when you have your desired flavor pop it in the microwave and you can be totally creative with this i hope it works out for you!!!!

How to make fluffy slime

Add half a bowl of glue and add a little less shaving cream if you are using contact solution for it or saline solution add a pinch of baking soda other activators I recommend  staflo or tide I don’t like tetraborate liquid due to skin safety and if you want you can add food dye or paint or even glitter I recommend Elmers school glue cause other glues i find harder for me and it may be sticky that’s why you’ve gotta nead  a lot keep in mind fluffy slime is thick if you add to much shaving cream it wont stretch also keep in mind if you want to add glitter to any slime way to much i mean waaaay to much it wont work out and if it gets to thick alka seltzer thanks for reading hope it works out and its really cool science its very fun

Tapir facts!

Though tapirs may look like a pig mixed with an elephant, they are actually related to rhinoceroses and horses! Tapirs have a short trunk that is prehensile, which means they can grab things with there trunks! Tapirs use there trunks to pluck leaves from tree branches and pick fruit of the ground.


So I added a little clay to my slime air dry clay to slime with glue baking soda and water and a tiny bit of paint it was a bad idea i learnt that lesson don’t forget to subscribe to katinchworm that is my YouTube channel never miss a post cya at the next post i do on this site ♥